The famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT proudly launched the Big Bang e Premier League 42 mm 440.NX.1100.NR.PLW21(Replica Hublot Big Bang. This new upgraded masterpiece of the Big Bang e Premier League 42 mm 440.NX.1100.NR.PLW21 watch is not only equipped with an exclusive application, but also the new dial design and strap adopt the iconic purple of the Premier League as the color.

 The strap adopts the iconic purple color of the Premier League, and each strap is equipped with a black ceramic buckle with bead blasting. Thanks to Hublot's self-developed "one-button" quick-change strap system, the wearer can quickly change the strap at will. For example, the wearer can easily change the appearance of this smart watch by choosing the color of the rubber strap and the dial configuration.

 This watch is equipped with Wear OS by GoogleTM system and installed the exclusive application "Hublot Loves Football Premier League". Through this application, users can set up animated notifications to start the Premier League game (15 minutes before the official start of the game). ), goals, penalties, substitutes, yellow and red cards, and overtime to receive reminders. The dial can be set to digital display or analog clock display. When the game starts, the watch can automatically switch to "Match Mode".

 This app can also display the team's lineup and the decision of the video assistant referee (VAR), and at the same time the end of the game is signaled, it starts the countdown to the next game. If two games are played at the same time, users can easily switch between the two games by simply tapping on the screen.
Hublot will also equip referees in the Premier League with special edition BIG BANG e smart watches that will not be sold on the market. The watch is made of ultra-light composite materials and is lighter than the ceramic version. The special edition smart watch will also use more technologies that help referees to enforce the game, including goal line technology, which can signal the referee when the entire football crosses the goal line. Hublot Watches Replica