This IWC Big Pilot's Watch 43 Spitfire Watch IW329701(Replica IWC Big Pilot's), I really like the retro style of the overall shape, the texture of the B-Uhr disk and the matte gray of titanium metal is very good, and the lightness of grade 5 titanium also makes the 43mm size It is more comfortable to wear, and the wearing experience goes to a higher level. In terms of performance, the performance of the 82 movement is really good. The accuracy and durability are very good. The soft iron inner case also ensures the anti-magnetic of the watch. The quick release of the strap also makes the watch more choices. I also I am very curious about the effect of this retro-style flight watch if the black tape is replaced.

The case is made of grade 5 titanium metal, with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 14.4 mm. IWC has carried out fine polishing and sandblasting processes for the titanium metal, and the overall dark gray matte effect is quite delicate. The advantages of titanium metal are also very familiar to watch friends. It has both toughness and elasticity, and is light and dexterous. It is about one-third lighter than traditional steel, and titanium metal also has good corrosion resistance and skin-friendly. and anti-allergic. For this watch, this is not only the first time that the 43mm Xiao Dafei uses titanium, but also the first time that the Spitfire series uses this material. IWC's previous titanium will only appear in some heritage watches, or early The Engineer and Mark XVIII styles.

 There is a large conical onion crown on the other side of the watch. The large crown is also the essence of Dafei's design. It is specially designed to facilitate the adjustment of pilots wearing gloves. The 43mm Dafei also retains this design. The crown can also provide a good adjustment feel in daily life. Thanks to the change in the case structure, the overall waterproof performance of the watch has been upgraded to 100 meters.

The dial of this titanium style is also one of the design highlights. We see that it uses a design with an outer second minute circle and an inner hour circle. The design is inspired by the B-Uhr observation watch made for the German army during World War II. The B- Uhr can be roughly divided into two design types, one is the Yuanzu Dafei 52 T.S.C. dial without an inner scale ring, and the other is the new product with an inner ring introduced today. Of course, no matter which design, the purpose is to It allows pilots to quickly read the time information on the disk with just one glance.Replica IWC Watches