The Swiss custom factory Artisans de Genève has always been known for its in-depth modification of popular sports watches, and occasionally cooperates with celebrity athletes to create joint watches. The works of this manufacturer are varied, full of whimsy, interesting and charming. Recently, the manufacturer released the latest work: Sea Shepherd Challenge, which is an aventurine moon phase watch commissioned by the founder of the marine conservation organization of the same name and based on the Rolex water ghost as a prototype.

After-sales customization of popular watches is very common, but it is usually tricky. Custom factories can take advantage of the brand reputation and excellent design of prototype watches. From a technical perspective, modified watches are often lacklustre. Sea Shepherd Challenge is ingenious, not simply changing the color scheme, but in-depth modification of the movement. The finished watch combines an oversized moon phase display, aventurine glass dial and bezel inserts, and exquisite movement finishes, which are extremely attractive.

The principal is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which is a non-governmental environmental protection organization whose purpose is to protect marine animals. However, it often adopts more radical methods and causes controversy. In order to reflect the importance of the moon relative to the sailor, Mr. Watson hopes to add this function to the Rolex Ref. 116610 Submariner. The basic specifications of the customized watch are the same as the standard model, equipped with a 40 mm stainless steel case and equipped with a Cal.3135 movement. However, the customized watch has been deeply modified from the inside to the outside.

The case retains a distinctive and easy-to-recognize contour, but the sides are milled to form a wide groove with a laser-etched sandblasting effect. The dial and bezel inserts are covered with aventurine glass, presenting a unique shiny look. The enamel disk at 6 o'clock is inlaid with two silver moons, and the crater pattern is hand-engraved to faithfully restore the appearance of the moon. The moon phase disc is driven by a date wheel and advances one grid at midnight every day, and all components are straight grained and chamfered.

Through the sapphire crystal see-through case back, you can appreciate the built-in Cal.3135 movement. Most of the components are re-decorated, such as the circular pattern and chamfering of the bridge plate. A few components are modified more drastically. For example, the barrel ratchet is hollowed out to form five spokes, and the inner edges are polished and chamfered. The oscillating weight is replaced with real gold material, decorated with aventurine glass inserts, which echoes the dial and bezel.

Artisans de Genève Sea Shepherd Challenge

Diameter: 40 mm
Material: stainless steel case, aventurine glass insert bezel
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Dial: Aventurine glass
Water resistance: 300 meters
Movement: Cal.3135, platinum oscillating weight
Function: hour, minute, second, moon phase profit and loss
Winding: automatic
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times/hour (4 Hz)
Dynamic storage: 48 hours
Chain strap: stainless steel bracelet