The Ulysse Nardin Freak series, with its subversive design of the unforgettable "three nothings", has become a unique watch series in the watch field since its launch in 2001. As an important work of the Freak series, the Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser Blue Dial Mens Watch 2050-131/03 not only inherits the classic elements of the series, but also incorporates the nautical theme design closely related to Ulysse Nardin for the first time.Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak

The 45mm 18k white gold case is finished with a polished finish, showing the silvery-white metallic luster. On the side of the case, Ulysse Nardin features two blued-steel screws with an iconic nameplate design engraved with a separate digital code. Due to the crownless design of the Freak series, the adjustment method of the watch needs to be adjusted through the locking dial device at the 6 o’clock position. After unlocking, rotate the ocean wave bezel to adjust the time.

 The Freak series of watches do not have a traditional dial in the conventional sense. They place the Carrousel strip movement on the movement splint to act as the dial. And this highly recognizable hollow anchor design also started from the cruiser series, and in order to reflect the nautical elements, it began to appear in the whimsy series.

Ulysse Nardin uses the principle of Carrousel to use the movement as a minute hand, making one revolution in one hour, while the lower bridge is connected to a triangular hour mark to indicate the hour. From this picture, you can clearly see that the escapement of the watch is a highlight. It uses the Athens two-way escapement. It also has two silicon escapement wheels. It is very eye-catching. Iridescent luster refracted by light.

Comes with a blue alligator leather strap with a white gold folding clasp. This Athens whimsical blue cruiser has been called a deep-sea treasure by watchers before. Indeed, most of the watches with the theme of sailing have a feeling of enjoying life at sea, while Athens expresses luxury with sailing elements. It also played a finishing touch. I personally think that it is the most luxurious watch in the Fantastic series. Compared with other Fantastic watches, the main sci-fi and cool design styles are directly related. the difference. Coupled with the Carrousel movement on the hardware and the two-way escapement, what the watch interprets is the brand's understanding of aesthetic design and technical function design, and a perfect fusion of luxury and technology.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches