Ulysse Nardin Freak X Magma Watch 2303-270/MAGMA-BQ(Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak X), the design of the watch is inspired by volcanoes, the 43 mm case, the black and red effect of the outer case is made of ultra-light carbon fiber, which incorporates The red marbled epoxy resin is mixed, and the final effect is like a continuously churning volcanic magma, which has a strong visual impact. The middle case watch is made of black-plated titanium, carbon plus titanium, which is the extreme lightweight just mentioned. The case on this side is designed with the Athens nameplate and engraved with a separate digital code.

Freak X has a crown design, which is more convenient to adjust. The water resistance of the whole watch is 50 meters. The dial of the watch has always been the biggest highlight of the Freak X series. There is no traditional dial design, so the structure of the Carrousel movement is directly displayed, and the red carrousel strip-shaped movement rotates 1 revolution per hour, as The minute hand indicates, and a gear in the lower movement is connected to the triangular hour markers to indicate the hour. Overall, it presents a sci-fi cool cutting-edge style design.

Since Freak X puts all the highlights on the front dial, there is not much to appreciate on the back of the watch, which is the case for most of the Fantastic series watches, except for a few models that use automatic grinding winding systems. Although there are not many to see, the UN-230 carrousel movement is absolutely excellent in performance. It is innovative in silicon parts. It applies DIAMonSIL diamond silicon crystal technology, and a layer of diamond film is coated on the outside of silicon parts. It is more wear-resistant, has better hardness and smoothness, and overcomes the problem that silicon is easy to break during processing. The movement data is 21,600 times per hour, and the full chain dynamic storage can provide 72 hours.

The watch is equipped with a black leather strap. The outside of the strap has a special black and white spot effect, which is a bit like volcanic rock. Athens has not forgotten to design these small details to fit the design theme of the whole watch. Athens Freak X Magma watch, because of its unique material, blends carbon fiber into red, which is very expressive. Regardless of performance or appearance, it breaks through the inherent thinking and shows the ultimate embodiment of innovation and individuality.Replica Ulysse Nardin Watches